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WordPress Workshop at Shri Krishnaswamy College For Women, Chennai

WordPress Workshop at Shri Krishnaswamy College For Women, Chennai (1)

WordPress Workshop at Shri Krishnaswamy College For Women, Chennai

WHY tap Training Institute recently conducted a one-week WordPress workshop at Shri Krishna Swamy Women’s College in Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040, from January 7th to January 12th, 2024. Throughout the workshop, we delved into the functionalities of WordPress and its significance. Our sessions also covered topics such as digital marketing and full-stack development, providing participants with insights into current job prospects and the expansive world of information technology. We also touched upon soft skills development and its relevance to company organizational functions and other IT-related subjects. Stay tuned for more articles on our website, where we explore these educational topics in detail.


Embarking on a transformative journey, the 7-day WordPress workshop led by experienced practitioners Nivetha and Sudalaimuthu at Shri Krishnaswamy College For Women from January 6 to January 10 aimed to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary for designing, developing, and maintaining successful websites. The intensive training covered critical topics, including WordPress scope, hosting and domain; themes and plugins, user experience, as well as UI design, with a practical focus on e-commerce website development. Despite the limited number of participants (37), collaboration thrived.

Day 1: Unveiling the World of WordPress, Domain, and Hosting

On January 6, Nivetha and Sudalaimuthu unraveled the boundless realm of WordPress and its pivotal role in website development. Through interactive presentations and hands-on exercises, participants gained a profound understanding of the significance of domain and hosting services in establishing a robust online presence. Visual aids and illustrative screenshots showcasing the WordPress dashboard, domain registration process, and web hosting selection were seamlessly integrated to enrich the learning experience.

Day 2: Navigating Themes and Plugins

Under the expert guidance of Nivetha and Sudalaimuthu on January 7, day 2 delved into the intricate world of themes and plugins in WordPress. Participants learned the art of selecting and customizing themes aligned with their website objectives. Furthermore, they explored the extensive array of plugins available to augment the functionality and features of their websites. Inclusion of screenshots depicting popular themes and plugins in action served to vividly illustrate their capabilities and ignited inspiration among participants.

Day 3: Mastering User Experience and User Interface Design

On January 8, Nivetha and Sudalaimuthukumar led participants through the fundamental principles of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. They imparted best practices and techniques for crafting a seamless and user-friendly website. Integration of visual examples showcasing well-designed websites and user interfaces facilitated participants in grasping the concepts effectively.

Days 4 & 5: Immersive E-commerce Website Development

Spanning across January 9 and January 10, the focus was on e-commerce website development using WordPress. Participants gained insights into leveraging plugins such as WooCommerce to establish and manage online stores. Inclusion of screenshots featuring successful e-commerce websites and step-by-step tutorials aided participants in comprehending the process and kindled their enthusiasm to construct their own e-commerce platforms.

Day 6: Hands-on Website Development

On January 11, day 6 presented participants with the invaluable opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge in a hands-on environment. With the guidance and support of Nivetha and Sudalaimuthu, participants worked on their own website projects, implementing the concepts assimilated throughout the workshop. Inclusion of images capturing participants engrossed in developing their websites showcased the interactive nature of the workshop.

Day 7: In-depth Q&A and Certificate Distribution

On the final day, participants had the opportunity to address any lingering queries during a comprehensive Q&A session facilitated by Nivetha and Sudalaimuthu. The trainers provided valuable insights and clarifications, ensuring participants departed with a thorough understanding of WordPress website development. Certificates of completion were conferred upon participants, commemorating their successful participation in the workshop. Inclusion of an image capturing the trainers presenting the certificates added a personal touch to the culminating ceremony.


The WordPress workshop at Shri Krishnaswamy College For Women, spearheaded by Nivetha and Sudalaimuthukumar, offered an exhaustive learning experience in website development. With a diverse array of topics, hands-on practice, and personalized guidance, participants were equipped with the skills to create flourishing websites. Including relevant images throughout the article enhanced the visual appeal and provided a more immersive experience for readers.

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