J. Mohan KumarJ. Mohan KumarStudent

“The Software testing class is very usefull for me there are many real time scenarios the things which we studied are not from the book. Thank you”

K.M. JayaramanK.M. JayaramanStudent

“ I had  very good theoretical and Practical sessions;  thank you Sir”

M. Mani MaranM. Mani MaranStudent

“This class was very interactive and useful. Thank you for Sathish sir”

B. KirthikaB. KirthikaStudent

“We able to understand the subject concept easily. Had very good Practical and Theoretical session; Teaching is excellent no words to say”

J. Saravana KumarJ. Saravana KumarStudent

“This Class is very useful for  me I improved my knowledge thanks to WHY Global Services

K. JashanK. JashanStudent

In my opinion this service is excellent. The faculties are very good. I am able to understand everything. The best part is practical....

K. KalpanaK. KalpanaStudent

“I like the way of teaching. I like this subject. I understood very well. Sir taught me very well. I gained very well about this subject. Now I had the confidence to be placed in any testing company by this knowledge. Thanks a lot to WHY global services”

Vidyashree BoopathyVidyashree BoopathyStudent

 “This course is very useful. We could easily understand everything about Software Testing. The practical sessions are very useful. All the topics are covered in an order”

B. PriyadharshniB. PriyadharshniStudent

“The overall concept about the WHY is nice and should be encouraged. The software testing class is very useful. Special Thanks for Sathish sir”

P.Bishnu KumarP.Bishnu KumarStudent

“This course is very useful for me to understand the networking concept. I myself gained new knowledge about hardware testing”

T.Vignesh KumarT.Vignesh KumarStudent

“I got clear information about networking. Course is helpful to get my knowledge. It is very useful to know about the personal computer”

S. PradeepS. PradeepStudent

“A+N+ class is very interactive with through concept teaching.  The components are shown towards the students and explained throughout the class. . N+ class the sub netting concept is thought well, we had lot of practical session”

P.Rozario RaphealP.Rozario RaphealStudent

“A+ and N+ very useful learnt lot of concept which we don’t know. Class is very useful we learnt lot about the computer and its issue and the method to solve it”

S. Raj KumarS. Raj Kumar

“Class is very helpful and useful to know about hardware networking. Am very interested to study these concepts which were thought.

In the beginning of the class I don’t know anything about hardware of a computer now I can assemble my computer”

D.R. DivyaD.R. DivyaStudent

“Class is very interactive and we gain knowledge from them. Bala sir, thought may things which we don’t know and trained us technically”

R. KamatchiR. KamatchiStudent

“Class is very interactive and interesting; they made us to feel computer is an easy machine to handle. Their way of teaching is practical”

I. RebeccaI. RebeccaStudent

“Good teaching by staffs and their teaching style is different it’s not theoretical its practical”


“A+ & N+ which I have learnt in WHY Global Services is very useful and moreover it was a free programme.  BALA sir taught me a concept called subneting which was very good and understandable. I like the way of teaching”

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